A while ago, my sister and I went on a little shopping spree. I wanted to look around a pharmacy which was at the shopping mall that we went to, as I’ve never been in there before and I’m glad I did.

A little stand caught my eye- it was a stand of the brand ARTDECO. I’ve never heard of this brand before and I was quite interested to check what kind of makeup products they sold, or at least were sold at the pharmacy we went to.

I could see different types of blushers and bronzers and the one which caught my eye was the one with a similar packaging to the Clarins Bronzing and Blush Compact (I believe that it is about €30.) Once I opened it up, the product itself looked quite similar (it had more than one shade) and I instantly fell in love. Just like the Clarins one, it’s a limited edition product and I imagine that they bring them out just for the Summer time.


I can’t say much about the Clarins one, because I’ve never had one. All I can say is that it’s around €30 and looks similar to ARTDECO one (again for the simple reason that there’s more than one shade, as one’s a blusher and one’s a bronzer). I’ve heard a lot of people rave about this product but I never got hold of my own simply because of its price.

The ARTDECO Sun Blusher (€15) has a well sized mirror which is of good quality. The product consists of three different shades: the outer one being more of a bronzy one, the next being more of a coraly pink and the centre being a shimmery champagne colour.


This blusher could be used by mixing all three shades together or individually. I decided to put some on when I went home and swirled my makeup brush through the three beautiful colours as I prefer using them that way. I found my cheeks looking stunning- they were bronzed in such a perfect way and you could also see the pink from the blusher and the shimmer from the other shade. Sometimes if I want to add even more of a glow to my cheeks, I would dab a smaller brush into the highlight shade and apply that as a highlighter on the tops of my cheeks. I feel as though this product is just perfect for this time of the year!


When swatched, they don’t look as pigmented as they appear on the cheek. I feel that they look much better on the cheek than when swatched with your finger. I really like the bronzed rosy look that this blusher gives you and I’m really glad that I bought it!


Here are some pictures of the ARTDECO Sun Blusher with flash: