All my orders from Kylie Cosmetics finally arrived! I ordered them before Christmas (except one which was placed on the 26th December) however I came across some difficulties which I don’t want to get into because I feel like the customer service team was mostly helpful and besides, I just want to talk about the products.

Before I talk about what I bought, I just want to put out a disclaimer. I know that I bought a lot, but please keep in mind that this was my Christmas present from my father, who decided to treat me to something a little bigger this year. I am so thankful for being able to get hold of all of this makeup and by no means am I bragging or boasting, I just wanted to write a post about it 🙂

Also wanted to mention that this isn’t a review. It’s simply a makeup haul. I haven’t been able to play around with most products yet, and so I cannot give you my honest opinion but if you’d like to see a review, please do leave a comment and I will! These are also the first purchases I have made from Kylie Cosmetics, I’ve never tried any products of hers before.

The first things which I purchased were from her Christmas range (I placed a total of three orders because some items were sold out) and I purchased the Merry lip kit, Dancer metal, and Naughty gloss. I’ve worn Merry once and feel like it pulls a bit darker than red on me, almost plum. I love the colour nonetheless but this definitely isn’t a colour I would wear too often, but I knew that when I placed my order. As for the gloss, it’s so pigmented- I love it. The metal is slightly patchy but I feel like with a lip liner underneath, it looks so much better. However it does look good alone too, just a little bit patchy.

16559106_724579977709715_1566696238_n.jpg  16521588_724579994376380_332544279_n.jpg

Left to right: Merry lip liner & liquid lipstick, Naughty gloss, Dancer metal


Product in image above: Merry Lip Kit

My second order consisted of the Candy K lip kit, which I’m sure you’ve all seen. I think the colour is stunning- it is described as a warm pinky nude on her website, and I agree. I also purchased the Kristen lip kit which is described as a warm brown berry and the Burgundy Kyshadow palette which I was so excited about because I have never played around with burgundy eyeshadows before. I haven’t tried any of these products but I think I’ll be using the Burgundy palette and the Candy K lip kit later!

16507374_724580001043046_937968999_n.jpg 16522864_724580044376375_1517434237_n.jpg

Products in images above: Candy K lip kit, Kristen lip kit (left to right) & Burgundy Kyshadow Palette


Left to right: Candy K lip kit, Kristen lip kit

16558428_724580024376377_1966887768_n.jpg  16522764_724580017709711_995780626_n

Image on the left: Burgundy Kyshadow palette without flash

Image on the right: Burgundy Kyshadow palette with flash

My third and final order consisted of the Mini matte liquid lipsticks from her Christmas range and the Dolce K lip kit which is described as a deep beige nude. I love this colour and am so excited to wear it! The minis include Moon, Ginger, Kristen, Angel (exclusive), Love Bite and Vixen (exclusive). These products are really tiny but I think for the price, they’re definitely worth it! They’re so cute- I love them.


Products from left to right: Dolce K lip kit, Mini matte liquid lipsticks

16521726_724580067709706_1552285642_n.jpg 16558827_724580074376372_2003780431_n.jpg

Product in images above: Mini matte liquid lipsticks


Product in image above: Dolce K lip kit

P.S.- I love the packaging so much! I think that she did a really good job and this applies for her normal range and her Christmas one!

So that is basically what I purchased from Kylie Cosmetics! I hope you enjoyed reading and if you did please leave a like and a comment!

Thank you so much for reading, I’ll see you in my next one 🙂 xx