Hi guys!

First of all I just want to say thank you so much for following me and taking the time to read, like and even comment on my blog posts. It means the world to me. This weekend I received a notification saying that I received 50 likes and 5o followers on this blog. It makes me so happy seeing my blog grow and it’s all thanks to you, so thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂

Today I thought I’d write a post about my Everyday Makeup Routine. As you will be seeing in the pictures, I have hit pan on some products which is obviously only because I’ve used them so much.

Recently, I’ve been starting off with my eyes, because I feel like I can clean it up and make my eyeshadow sharper by using a wipe, and that won’t mess up my face products. So first I apply some concealer to my eyes, and the concealer I’ve been using recently is the Rimmel Match Perfection in the shade 030 Classic Beige. This acts as a base for my eyeshadow. I then blend that out with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush and set that with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder in the shade 005 Silky Beige.

As for eyeshadow, I have been LIVING in the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette ever since I got it. In fact, I hit pan on two of my favourite shades- Luscious is almost gone and I am extremely sad about it. I don’t always do the same look, but I thought that I’d share two looks which I have been doing with you. The looks are quite easy to do and only require 2 eyeshadow brushes. I use the MAC 239 and 217.


My first look is a matte look and basically consists of brown shades in the crease and a light matte shade on the lid. I start off by dipping my MAC 217 into Georgia, which is a beautiful transition colour and apply this in my crease. After that, I basically do the same thing but instead dip my brush into Puree which is a matte light brown. I kind of drag it into my outer corners, giving some depth to the look and to add a little more depth, I dip my 217 into Summer Yum which is a matte dark brown and take this into my crease slightly and drag it into my outer corners of my eyes. These shades are very pigmented so I recommended tapping the brush to get rid of any excess eyeshadow. For the last step, I take my MAC 239 and dip it into Peaches N Cream, which is a matte cream shade and apply this to the center of my lid. I also tap some of this eyeshadow off before applying it. Sometimes I take my 239 and dip it into White Peach and highlight my brow bone, but it isn’t something which I do daily.


My second look is different to the first as it’s basically a look of bronze and gold shimmery eyeshadows. I start off by taking my MAC 217 and dip it into Georgia, and apply it to my crease as a transition shade, as I did in the above look. I then take my MAC 239 and dip it into Caramelized, which is a beautiful bronze colour and apply this all over my lid. I then take my 217 and dip it back into Georgia and apply it to my crease again, blending out Caramelized to make sure that there are no harsh lines. I then take my 217 and dip it into Luscious which is a stunning gold colour and apply this to the inner corners of my lids. And that is my eyeshadow done!

I then start my face and usually don’t wear foundation as I feel like concealer does the job, but if I do use foundation I would either use the Rimmel Lasting Finish or the Rimmel Match Perfection. However, on a day-to-day basis I just apply some of the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer on some blemishes which I may have and under my eyes and blend it out with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush. I then set this with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder and my Real Techniques Powder brush. After I apply my powder, I put some lip balm on my lips to moisturize them, and the lip balm I have been using is the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss.


To contour, I use my New Look Pure Colour Contour Palette in the shade 29 Brown Pattern (I’, not sure if there are any other shades) and I dip my Real Techniques Sculpting brush into the ashy toned grey shade. I then take my New Look Contour Brush as it is less dense and hence fluffier and swipe some of that matte yellow shade above and below my contour. This might seem scary but it doesn’t apply yellow to the face, it just gives you an inner glow. I then take my Real Techniques Multitask brush and dip it into both of the brown shades and use these as my bronzer.



For blusher, I usually use my Maxfactor Creme Puff Blush in the shade 15 Seductive Pink and apply this to my cheeks using my Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 brush.I recommend using a light hand with this as it could look very pink if a lot is applied. I then highlight using my Catrice Cosmetics High Glow Highlighting powder in the shade 10 Light Infusion. I apply this using my Real Tecniques Setting brush.




This year, I started doing my brows and have been loving the NYX Micro Brow pencil. I use the shade Taupe. One end contains the product which you apply to your brows (it’s retractable) and the other end contains a brush! I love it. To finish off the eyes, the mascaras I have been using for the past few months have been the Maybelline Lash Sensational for the top lashes and The NYX Le Chick Flick for the bottom.


Finally, for the lips I have been LOVING the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the colour 07 Sandstorm. I basically used to wear this every day! However recently I have been loving Kylie’s liquid lipsticks, specifically Candy K, Dolce K, and Ginger for a more natural look. However I have just purchased these so I am not going to be including them in this post.


That is my Everyday Makeup Routine! I am so sorry that it ended up so long but I wanted to include detail. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you did please like, comment or follow if you haven’t already. I am excited to say that my father has lent me his camera for a while, so my pictures are going to be of better quality!

Thanks again for reading, I’ll see you in my next one xx