Hi guys! So today I have another review for you, and I am going to be reviewing the Burgundy Palette by Kylie Cosmetics. I received this in the mail on the 3rd February and have been playing around with it ever since, along with my Morphe X Kathleenlights palette, so expect a review on that one too in the near future πŸ˜‰ .

The Burgundy Palette retails for $42 which is around β‚¬40. At first, I did think that this palette was quite pricey, and to be honest I do think that it could have been a bit cheaper- this palette has 9 eyeshadows in it whereas my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette has 18 eyeshadows but retails for $49 which is around β‚¬46. However, the pans in The Burgundy Palette are bigger than those in the Sweet Peach Palette. Even though it isn’t on the cheaper side, I do think that it is worth your money, and here’s why.


The Burgundy Palette, it’s box and Kylie’s thank you card for her Kyshadows


Comparison of The Burgundy Palette and the Sweet Peach Palette

The packaging:

The packaging for this palette is cardboard and has a glossy feel to it which I love. It closes magnetically and the magnet is very strong so it won’t open unless you actually try to open it. I love the eyes on the front of it and the drips which represent the colours which are inside the palette. At the back of the palette, there is a list of shades which I find extremely helpful, especially for a blogger or YouTuber. The palette has a weight to it which makes it feel quite luxurious. The palette doesn’t contain a mirror, but I’ve heard some people say that mirrors which are placed inside cardboard packaging usually tend to break. It is also very sturdy and therefore the shades are very well protected.


Front of The Burgundy Palette


Back of The Burgundy Palette


Inside the palette without flash 

The product and shades: 

As mentioned above, the palette contains 9 shades- 5 matte and 4 shimmer. I find that they are all pigmented however apply much nicer to the eyes than when swatched which isn’t a bad thing at all. These eyeshadows are creamy and not powdery, and there is barely any kickback. The colour selection in this palette is perfect- the palette contains champagne, gold, bronze, burgundy, and different pops of browns. None of these shades will go to waste… For me, at least. You can create so many different looks with this palette, from natural to dramatic.


Close up of the shades without flash 





Close up of the shades with flash from different angles


The following are the site’s (kyliecosmetics.com) descriptions of each shade:

Naked (satin finish golden sand)

Beach (matte finish light warm brown)

Penny (matte finish red orange)

LA (metallic finish true copper)

Burgundy (matte finish bright red burgundy)

Dubai (metallic finish burgundy)

Brick (matte finish dirty brick)

NY (metallic finish warm bronze)

Almond (matte finish deep red brown)



Swatches of The Burgundy Palette (Up-Down) Naked, Beach, Penny, LA, Burgundy, Dubai, Brick, New York, Almond

My opinions:

Is this palette worth the hype? YES. I think it really is! I am so happy with this purchase and don’t regret buying it at all! The shadows are creamy and somewhat velvety and very pigmented. They blend seamlessly and as mentioned above, there is barely any kickback. There wasn’t any fallout when applying these shadows either, or at least not much, if at all. The pans are very decently sized yet the palette is still compact, making it easy to travel with too. Yes, it isn’t cheap, but I think that you really are getting your money’s worth!

The main reason why I purchased this is because at the time, the only palette I has was my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and I was beginning to hit pan on my gold and bronze shades. I also wanted to purchase a palette with some burgundy shades in it since I had none. Like I said above, I am very happy with this purchase!

Thank you so much for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did please leave a like! Also, do you have this palette? I would love to know your opinions on it in the comments below!

You can purchase The Burgundy Palette here.

Thanks again for reading, I’ll see you in my next one xx