Hi guys! As some of you may know, last month I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Awards. I’m very excited to say that I have been nominated for another award this month, this time the Liebster Blog Awards! I was very kindly nominated by Kali Borovic. Thank you so much for the nomination! Go check out her blog if you haven’t already- I really love it!

As Kali clearly stated in her post, the way this works is that a blogger would come up with a tag, answers the questions, and then tags a few other blogs to answer the questions too. I’ll now be answering the questions Kali left and will then come up with some questions of my own for the bloggers I’ll be tagging to answer.

Kali’s questions:

  1. What is your all-time favorite piece of jewellery and what’s the story behind it?

I actually don’t wear jewellery that often, I usually just add some simple earrings. However, I love this charm bracelet from Mackintosh which my friend gave me for my birthday a few years back. As some of you may know, pink is one of my favourite colours and I love the charms on it! I also like to wear chokers but if we’re talking about favourites, it will probably have to be this one.

1 with watermark.jpg

5 with watermark.jpg

7 with watermark .jpg

2. What was the first blog post that you ever published?

The first blog post I ever published was a review on my NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette. If I’m totally honest, I am not 100% proud of this post due to the quality of the pictures and all, but it was my first blog post and at least things have improved since then, right? Haha!

3. What did you want to be when you were little?

When I was little, I either wanted to be a teacher or a hairdresser. Very different, I know, but I always liked the idea of teaching and helping out others. I also really loved makeup and beauty from a young age and used to love going to the hairdresser with my mum just to watch them do everyone’s hair!

4. If you were a lipstick shade, which one would you be & why?

I actually really love this question but honestly don’t know how to answer it! I think I would say pink because it’s my favourite colour, but then again most of the time I tend to reach for nude lipsticks so I’m not so sure!

5. What’s your go-to drugstore & high end makeup brand?

My go-to drugstore brand would definitely be NYX! I love all of their products which I’ve tried so far and feel like if I had to stick to one drugstore makeup brand, it would hands down be NYX. As for my go to high end makeup brand, it’s Too Faced! Just like NYX, I love every single product of theirs (which I own) and some of their products smell AMAZING! Also, I think Too Faced deserve an award for the best packaging EVER. These brands are also cruelty free which is very important in my books.

Blogs I nominate:

  1. https://emmachxrlotte.com/
  2. https://sarahbaileybeauty.wordpress.com/
  3. https://talesofbelle.com/
  4. https://adryanabblog.wordpress.com/
  5. https://covetluxe.wordpress.com/

The questions:

  1. What is your favourite foundation?
  2. Which makeup products can’t you live without?
  3. If you had to create your own product, what would it be and why?
  4. If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go?
  5. What is your favourite food?

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Thanks again for reading, I’ll see you in my next one xx

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