Hi guys! First of all, Happy Easter! As some of you may know, recently my father went to Spain and very kindly went to Sephora to purchase some products from on my wishlist for me. I wrote a blog post all about my Sephora Haul– click here to check it out! I already wrote a review (with swatches) of the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in ‘Sparkling Bellini’– you can click here to check it out. Today I’ll be reviewing the Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer in ‘Sweet Tea’, which is the only shade in this collection at the moment.



Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer in ‘Sweet Tea’ without flash


Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer in ‘Sweet Tea’ with flash


Take the guesswork out of creating a sweet, romantic bronzed flush. In each baked, heart-shaped bronzer there are two individual color swatches. The baking process and multiple colors create dimensional color to provide the look of brighter, healthier skin.

The product:

This bronzer retails for $30 which is around €28. Yes, it is quite expensive for a bronzer but I definitely do think that it’s worth every penny! As mentioned above, this is a baked bronzer which contains two shades. These shades do contain little specs of glitter but I feel like they don’t translate much on the face- they just give a healthy, radiant bronzed look to the cheeks. I like to swirl my brush through both of the shades and go in with a light hand and then start to build it up.

The packaging:

Just like the packaging for the blushes, it’s adorable! Yes, I do think that they are a bit bulky and they do tend to take up more space than the average bronzers or blushers, but I don’t mind. I am one of those people who get tempted to buy products just because of the packaging and I feel like these products are so pleasing to look at.

Having said that though, they are bulky and I therefore won’t be taking them with me when travelling which is a shame because I really do love them and feel like this bronzer could look really nice when on holiday but like I said before, it doesn’t bother me too much. Overall, I’d rather have super cute packaging than being able to take a product with me when travelling with all honesty.


Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer in ‘Sweet Tea’ without flash


Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer in ‘Sweet Tea’ with flash




Swatches of the Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer in ‘Sweet Tea’

My opinions:

Is this bronzer worth the hype? YES! Just like the blush, for me, it definitely is. I am so happy with this purchase and really want to try some more Too Faced products because they just cannot seem to let me down! Which I’m obviously not complaining about haha! It definitely isn’t cheap, but it is a high end product after all and I feel like you’re actually getting what you pay for.

This bronzer lasts all day on my cheeks and still looks nice by the end of it unlike some of my other bronzers. At the end of the day, my bronzer tends to look a bit patchy and it usually fades by time and this bronzer has done otherwise. I love the bronzed glow it gives my cheeks. At first I was a bit sceptical about purchasing it as there is only one shade and I wasn’t sure whether or not it will be too dark for me but with a light hand, I can make it work.

The only downside to this bronzer besides the packaging which doesn’t even really bother me is that there is only one shade. I feel like this shade is for those of you with light to medium skin tones and it might be a bit too light for those with darker ones. Hopefully Too Faced will change that soon, though!

I would rate this bronzer a 9.5/10, just like my Sweethearts Blush. I know it’s a high rating but I really love it and there really isn’t anything negative to say about it besides those two points which I mentioned above. I would recommend this bronzer to anyone with light to medium skin tones- it’s a favourite of mine!

So that was my review ! Thank you so much for reading, please give the post a ‘like’ if you enjoyed it and do leave a comment below with your thoughts on this bronzer if you have one!

Thanks again for reading, I’ll see you in my next one xx

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