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MAC Haul- Fruity Juicy Summer Collection 2017

Hi guys! Sorry for not uploading last week, I didn't have time to write this post because of my exams, but my last one was yesterday and my Summer holidays are finally here! Anyways, recently, I purchased some products from... Continue Reading →

Collective Makeup Haul (Kylie Cosmetics, Feel Unique & More!)

Hi guys! Recently I've purchased a few things and thought that I'd do another Collective Makeup Haul to show you what I bought because you guys seem to like my hauls 🙂 On St. Patrick's Day, Kylie Cosmetics had an... Continue Reading →

Huge Sephora Haul

Hey guys! So around three weeks ago, my father went to Valencia for work and since we don't have many makeup brands here in Malta, I decided to take the opportunity and ask him to go to Sephora for me.... Continue Reading →

Collective Makeup Haul

Hi everyone! So today I have another haul for you, except this one is a collective one. Just wanted to mention that some of these products were purchased in the beginning of January too and I did not purchase all... Continue Reading →

Kylie Cosmetics Haul

All my orders from Kylie Cosmetics finally arrived! I ordered them before Christmas (except one which was placed on the 26th December) however I came across some difficulties which I don't want to get into because I feel like the... Continue Reading →

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